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10 magical ways to make your child intelligent

Undoubtedly the current world we live in is highly competitive wherein each one is striving hard to be one step ahead than his or her competitor in order to lead the life’s race. And this race starts from the early childhood when you are just learning to take the baby steps.
Well, you just can’t blame anyone or anything; for this is what the principle of survival happens to be nowadays. You have to bring up your kids in the similar manner so that they don’t lag behind in the competition that the outer world brings before.

Here check out the 10 magical ways to make your child intelligent:

1. Music is the soul of life and Music Lessons can certainly help your child learn in a more positive and broad manner.
2. Other than mental health, your child needs physical strength too. Remember, only work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Encourage your kids to be active in both studies and co-curricular activities.
3. Read with your kids instead of reading out to them. This practice will help them in building their reading skills. If you just read to them, they’ll be only looking at the pictures lost in some fancy world.

4. A healthy mind needs adequate amount of sleep. Researches have proved that kids deprived of sleep turn out to be lazy and inactive.
5. Teach the art of self-discipline to your child. His or her IQ won’t be much of a use if the child isn’t self-disciplined. Experts consider willpower as the strongest tool of individual success.
6. Real learning happens to be an active process. No technology can help you out here. It has to be more of a practical learning where kids get involved actively.
7. Eating healthy is the secret to a healthy brain. Though you can’t make kids eat healthy all time but make sure they don’t eat any “unhealthy” food at the wrong time.
8. Happiness quotient in a kid will always be equivalent to his success graph. A happier kid is more likely to take on the challenges of life in an impressive way.
9. Peer group should not always be taken in the negative sense. If your kids are in the company of good children, it will surely have a positive impact on them. See to it that they make friends wisely.
10. Last but certainly not the least, above all the things you do as a parent the prime thing happens to be trusting your kids. Nothing can give them more confidence then your positive guiding and belief.

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