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6 Small changes that will increase the chances for pregnancy

For months trying to conceive, and although there is no medical problem that would hinder you in achieving the dream to become parents, pregnancy test always remains a dash? It is a situation where there are many couples. Sometimes conception is not as easy as we imagined. While some are lucky enough to fulfill the desire to attempt, for other couples conception is a painstaking process.

Probably already advised you to normalize your weight and quit alcohol and smoking can increase the likelihood conceived . But there are also other small changes that you can help.

Love the sun

Use the sun to improve fertility. Free source of light and heat improves fertility in both men and women, increasing the level of vitamin D in the body.While we are exposed to the sun, we accumulate “solar” vitamin D, women who balance the levels of estrogen and progesterone, and in men increases the number of sperm, enhances libido and increases the level of testosterone. In addition, the sun improves mood and reduces stress.

Avoid arduous exercise

While moderate exercise can positively affect female fertility, intense physical activity increases the risk of irregular menses and hinders conception.Working hard exercise reduces progesterone levels, hampering ovulation. If you are planning to become pregnant, it is best to limit the exercise to a maximum of 7 hours per week.

Dispose of trans fats from the diet

Stand away from French fries and fat favorite sandwich. Trans fat contained in fast food products like margarine are increasingly linked to reduced fertility in women.Trans fats decrease the body’s ability to respond to insulin, and women who have insulin resistance or diabetes often suffer from irregular ovulation.

Advise desired to keep an eye on the heat in the intimate area

The high temperature in the intimate region can influence the production and quality of sperm. Men should avoid hot baths and saunas, and long cycling and should prefer wider underwear.It is particularly important to avoid placing the laptop on her lap, because heat reduces sperm count.

Avoid lubricants

Lubricants affect the movement of sperm and are not recommended when you plan toconceive . Also, some lubricants contain chemicals that kill sperm, so it is best to rely only on the natural moisture of the vagina.

Eat more zinc

Zinc is very important not only for women but for men’s fertility. This mineral boostsovulation in women and in men increases the production of sperm. Also, zinc reduces the risk of miscarriage in the early stages of pregnancy.Studies show that a minimum of 15mg of zinc per day to improve fertility. Consume more foods rich in zinc, such as fish, red meat, pumpkin seeds etc.

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