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7 Mistakes Parents Make With Newborns

Finally, your baby is in your hands. That little which he spoke and which catered 9 months not see it now with you and depends on you. Your whole life will change, because now you’re responsible for everything that happens to that little baby.

If this is your first child, certainly from anywhere arriving tips on what to do and what not. To make it easier to deal with the situation, we will tell you the most common mistakes that parents make in caring for their newborns.

  1. Place the baby to sleep through the night. Parents should wake their babies every 4 hours to feed. If you do this, you risk baby dehydrates. Ensure to make sure your baby is well fed. It is important to understand his biorhythm. If your dearest sleep during the day, do not worry about daylight or noise. It needs to get used to the normal noise in the house or the street.
  2. You put the baby to sleep on his stomach or side. All the experts advise that babies should sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of sudden death syndrome in newborn.
  3. The baby food in a certain time. New parents often make this mistake and want their babies to eat in a certain schedule. Doctors advise that if the baby eats at least once every 4 hours, you should not follow any schedule. The baby knows when he is hungry and when it is fed. If crying after 2-3 hours for food, instead of the usual 4, listen to and fed him.
  4. Wear baby where there are many people. When you carry your baby in the crowd, you are exposed to bacteria. It can get a bacterial infection that can be life-threatening or prefati virus. Virus can cause a high temperature, that is in the hospital at least two days.
  5. Just keep newborn at home. Really coming out with the baby in places where many people is a bad idea. But to sit constantly at home with your newborn is also bad. Find balance. Try to go out for walks where not many people.
  6. Do not trust your instincts. If you feel that something is wrong with your baby, visit the doctor for consultation. While all around you might think you’re overreacting, there is no reason to tamper with the life and health of your baby.
  7. Do not vaccinated. All parents should vaccinate their babies with mandatory vaccines to protect them. Inform yourself when to vaccinate your baby and do not miss the vaccination.

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