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Breastfeeding May Lower Risk of Childhood Leukemia

Breastfeeding offers myriad benefits to mothers and babies. Now a new review of 18 previous studies published in the journal JAMA Pediatricsfinds that breastfeeding may lower the risk of childhood leukemia. Childhood cancer is a leading cause of death among children and adolescents in developed countries, with leukemia accounting for ...

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Chickenpox Can Be Serious: Protect Your Child


Most children with chickenpox completely recover. But it can be serious, even fatal, for babies, adolescents, and adults. Be proactive. Get vaccinated if you are not protected against chickenpox. Chickenpox is a very contagious disease. You or your child may be at risk if you have never had chickenpox or ...

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Cord-Blood Banking

Cord-blood banking basically means collecting and storing the blood from within the umbilical cord (the part of the placenta that delivers nutrients to a fetus) after a baby is born. Cord blood contains blood-forming stem cells, which are potentially useful for treating diseases that require stem cell transplants, such as ...

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Leukemia-Signs And Symptoms Of Childhood

Childhood leukemia, the most common type of cancer in children andteens, is a cancer of the white blood cells. Abnormal white blood cellsform in the bone marrow. They quickly travel through the bloodstream and crowd out healthy cells. This increases the body’s chances of infection and other problems. As tough ...

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Comfortable and safe sleep for your baby

As a mother, probably constantly wondering whether your baby is comfortable while sleeping, whether he is hot enough, you can breathe freely … It is normal to spin all those questions, because you want your dearest is safe and comfortable to travel in the world of sweet dreams. If you ...

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Fever in babies

Definition of baby fever Kiss or touch your baby’s forehead. If you think he feels hotter than normal, you’re probably right. A higher-than-normal body temperature is called a fever. A fever is usually a sign that the body is waging a war against infection. Taking your baby’s temperature can confirm your suspicions ...

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16 Foods to Avoid While Breastfeeding

You just spent the last nine months worrying about what you were eating and drinking because of your baby’s development—and now that you’re nursing, you should be on the watch out for some possible reactions. It is very important that moms maintain regular meals when breastfeeding to gain essential nutrients ...

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Breast Cancer During Pregnancy

Having breast cancer during pregnancy is very rare. But more and more women are choosing to have children later in life, and the risk of breast cancer goes up as women get older. Because of this, doctors expect there will be more cases of breast cancer during pregnancy in the ...

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Cancer during Pregnancy

The most common cancers in pregnancy are breast cancer, cervical cancer, lymphoma, and melanoma. Cancer itself rarely harms the baby, and some cancer treatments are safe during pregnancy. You and your health care provider will work together to find the best treatment. Your options will depend on how far along ...

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