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Pregnancy & Sex

Can Sex Positions Determine Baby’s Gender?

People have been trying to figure this one out for centuries, “but there are really no lovemaking positions that can influence the gender of your baby,” says Jeffrey Steinberg, MD, director of the gender selection program at the Fertility Institutes in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, we’re still at the whim of ...

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Tips for Better Pregnancy Sex

When you’re pregnant, some things become a little harder to enjoy. One of those things, unfortunately, is sex. You’re hormonal, you’re tired and, at a certain point, you feel like a planet and you don’t want anyone in your solar system, if you know what I mean. Here are a ...

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The Best Sex Positions for Pregnant Women

If fears about ‘doing it’ are stressing you out, here’s what you need to know. One minute, the sight of your partner makes you want to put him out with the weekly garbage; the next, you might want to play a couple of rounds of naked Twister. Par for the ...

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Pregnancy Sex Education

Sex is still a sensitive subject for doctors and patients. But it’s a part of life, and for most of us, it’s what got us pregnant in the first place! To shed some light on sex during pregnancy, we’ve tackled your top questions. Quick Tips First Trimester: You may feel ...

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How safe is sex during pregnancy?

sex during pregnancy

When is having sex during pregnancy risky and when can you just relax and enjoy it? Whether it’s finding the safest pregnancy sex positions or what you can expect after having sex during pregnancy, we’ve got the answers. When It May Be Risky Many women and their partners may wonder: ...

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Can Pregnancy Sex Cause a Miscarriage?

can pregnancy sex cause a miscarriage

Question. My husband and I are still enjoying an active sex life now that I’m pregnant, but I’m afraid to have orgasms because of the way they make my uterus contract. Can this lead to miscarriage? Answer. Not usually. Enjoying sex while you’re pregnant is a safe and healthy thing ...

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