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Getting Pregnant

New Discovery to Improve IVF Success Rates

Here’s some promising news for the countless couples pursuing in vitro fertilization: Researchers are now able to pinpoint chromosomal abnormalities in human embryos before IVF takes place—as early as the first 30 hours of development, according to a new paper released in Nature Communications. Advancements in fertility science With the ...

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Can Sex Positions Determine Baby’s Gender?

People have been trying to figure this one out for centuries, “but there are really no lovemaking positions that can influence the gender of your baby,” says Jeffrey Steinberg, MD, director of the gender selection program at the Fertility Institutes in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, we’re still at the whim of ...

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Preparing for Motherhood

“Preparing for motherhood” means different things to everyone. For you, maybe it’s knowing the baby’s gender, or having the nursery ready, or investigating every type of breast pump. All of these are valid, of course, and very practical. But as a pediatrician who has counseled countless new mom’s, I believe ...

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Formula to predict chances of pregnancy

Women in their mid thirties should seek fertility advice from a doctor if they try to conceive for six months without success, according to a new mathematical model developed by researchers. Becoming pregnant is a matter of chance, meaning some people will succeed at the first attempt while other fertile ...

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13 Signs You May Be Pregnant

Am I pregnant? Wondering if you’ve got a baby on board? Pay close attention to your body! And if you spot a few of the following symptoms — and your period is MIA — it may be time to head to the drugstore or schedule an appointment with your ob-gyn. ...

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