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Health Benefits of Honey

Honey is the natural sweetener that comes with a number of health benefits; especially for your toddlers and children. As per kids’ health experts, honey provides kids with sustained energy for relatively longer period of time. It also supplies needed vitamins and minerals and ensures that your child’s health stays perfectly sound.

It surely is nature’s wonderful gift to mankind. Let us here understand in depth as to how honey benefits kids’ health.  But before we begin with its several benefits, let us first dive into the subject of honey being different from sugar; though both are sweeteners.

Honey is more than sugar

This is a misconception that honey is simply sugar syrup, but in fact, there’s certainly more to it than meets the eye. It contains different sugar types inclusive of sucrose, which is the regular sugar we use; glucose, the simplest forms of sugars; fructose, which is fruit sugar found in sweet fruits. All these sugars are different from the regular table sugar we consume daily. The difference in chemical structure denotes that each of these sugars digest in a different way. These sugars make honey an effective food in terms of supplying energy for longer time. Normally, when we consume sugar, blood sugar levels shoot suddenly as sucrose and glucose get digested easily and enter our blood stream. Fructose takes time to digest and this is the reason when honey is eaten, fructose gets digested late and takes time to enter blood stream. This way body gets energy for longer duration.

So now that you are clear that giving honey is not like adding some sugar, let us go through the benefits of the latter.

Great supplier of vitamins and minerals:Honey may not have many nutrients present but it does have adequate amount of vitamins and minerals which are good enough for your growing toddlers. It also has many amino acids that aid your child’s physical development.

Protects your child’s lever: Honey has a defensive effect on liver especially for the effect induced by paracetamol. Paracetamol overdose is said to cause liver failure and some experiments have proven that honey protects the liver.

Helps in healing wounds faster: It even helps in healing wounds and makes the process faster. This is new study that has come to the fore and as per it, if honey is applied on the wounds, they get healed soon.

Controls cough: Honey is considered to be the best remedy for treating cough in kids. It works best for the cough that worsens during night time. When a coughing child is given honey, the natural sweetener acts as a calming agent on swollen mucus membrane that cause cough.

Helps to Get Sound Sleep: Honey helps your kids in sleeping well. If you feel that your little one is losing out the precious sleep, give him a cup of hot milk adding just a spoon of honey. It will surely work great in aiding sleep.

Boosts immunity: Last but definitely not the least, honey works as the fine immunity booster. It makes your child’s immune system work fine by giving it the strength to fight disease causing bacteria and virus.

If you have not yet considered making honey a part of your child’s diet, we are sure you will do this without any delay! But yeah, before you do so, ensure your child isn’t allergic to honey.

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