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Healthy Diet Plan for an Underweight Child

Development of each kid is different; while some kids gain healthy weight according to their age, some go overboard with weight and a few remain underweight. Till the time kids are gaining healthy weight, parents need not to worry.
The real concern surfaces when the toddler shows no adequate weight gain as per his age. There can be many reasons why a toddler fails to gain the considerable weight. You will have to seek your child’s health care provider’s advice and see if your child is gaining the needed weight. It’s very vital that the weight of preschoolers is monitored on a regular basis. This is one important phase of their growth and if anything is missed on at this stage, it can only create complication in your child’s future health.
You can always seek expert advice to know if your child is facing any eating disorder, or if his metabolism is working fine. Along with doctor’s help, you must also make some efforts to help your preschooler gain weight. Avoid giving your toddler foods rich in sugar or fat as they will never help them gain weight in a healthy manner. There are ways to provide them with healthy calories without experimenting too much with their appetite. Here check out what your underweight toddler needs to be fed with:

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