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How to Get Pregnant Faster

Getting pregnant is a natural process that we have very little control over. Some people try to get pregnant for years, to little avail.  Others are not trying at all, have sex once, and are suddenly expecting a baby.  When you are trying, these stories can be quite upsetting to hear.  What is it that they are doing differently?  Well, there are a few reasons why some women have to try for a while to get pregnant, while others easily fall pregnant.  It could be that you and your partner are not having sex at the right point in the month. It could be that you’re too stressed out, or that your partner has a low sperm count.  Who knows?  There may be some ways to help you get pregnant quickly, however.Here are a few tips on how to get pregnant you need to know to conceive soon after you begin trying and give your baby a healthy start.

Know When You Ovulate

How to get pregnant fast? Well, the biggest secret of having fast pregnancy is to know your ovulation. Think of the sperm as the arrows and the egg as a bull’s-eye. At least one of those arrows has to hit the bull’s-eye to get pregnant.

Because you ovulate once every menstrual cycle, actually there are just several days out of the cycle when sex could really result in pregnancy. Thus, by knowing when you exactly ovulate, both you and your partner could identify the bull’s-eye and target for it, rather than just shooting a lot of arrows without knowing the goal.
By using a variety of methods, you could figure out when you ovulate.

In case you find that you have irregular periods over a period of a few months, then identifying ovulation can be hard. That case, you had better ask your doctor for the advice. [Read: a comprehensive guide to have a healthy baby.

Take Genetic Testing

When it comes to learning how to get pregnant fast, this is the basic tip you need to follow. If your own body is up for the task, you will be more likely to have a higher chance of successful pregnancy. In order to find out whether you are in baby-making shape, and to know what changes might help, you had better schedule a preconception checkup with your doctor. Take steps as soon as you could to help you conceive much faster, though it might take time to get an appointment or deal with any health problems.

Basing on your family history and ethnic background, it is recommended that couples should consider genetic screening to see if they (both women and men) are carriers for any certain inherited ailment, like sickle cell disease, cystic fibrosis, and many others. This might be the only most crucial thing you could do to make sure you will conceive a healthy baby, and all it needs is a blood or saliva sample from both partners.

Set The Right Stage For Healthy Sperm

If your partner has strong, healthy and plentiful sperms, then the chances of getting pregnant will be increased. A few things could help your partner get his sperm powerful contain:
• Reduce the consumption of alcohol
• Cut out tobacco as well as recreational drugs
• Eat nutrients-rich foods (including vitamin C, D, zinc, folic acid, calcium) that can help create strong, plentiful, wiggly sperm
• Avoid saunas, hot tubs, hot baths because heat might kill sperms.

It is shown that the sooner your partner could make the changes above, the better his germ will be. Sperm might take time to develop; hence, the improvements he makes now will yield better sperm specimens for approximately 3 months later. In addition, as a woman, you also had better follow the tips on how to get pregnant fast above, also plus with the followings:

• Stop over exercising because it might stop ovulating. It is recommended that women who are not conceiving take a three-month break from any regular exercise that increases the heart rate to more than 110 beats a minute.

• Maintain an ideal weight because being too fat could lead to irregular or infrequent ovulation.

Get Busy Properly

Among effective tips on how to get pregnant fast, it is shown that being busy at the right time plays a big role. Once you acknowledge when your eggs will be released from the ovary, you could easily plan to have an intercourse during the most fertile days – about three days before ovulation through the ovulating day. However, some females might get pregnant from an intercourse that occurs about 6 days before their ovulation.

It is necessary for you to range days for baby-making intercourse as sperm could survive for 3-6 days within your own body. Yet, your egg just survives for 1 day. It means that if you have sex on Tuesday, sperm could survive in the fallopian tubes, waiting for the egg to float by, until around Friday – or perhaps even as late as the next Monday.

When you are not totally sure about your fertile period, the rule of thumb is to hit the sheets every other day. By having sex often, you will have healthy sperm which are waiting within the fallopian tubes daily, thereby being ready for springing into action whenever the egg gets released.If you and your lover/husband are waiting to have an intercourse just until those most fertile days, you had better make sure that you have not experienced too long of a dry spell prior. The partner had better ejaculate at least once in the days prior to your most fertile days. In case he does not, there can be a buildup of the dead sperm within his semen upon it is the decisive time, and of course, dead sperm could not help you get pregnant.

Give It Time

Barring fertility issues and other conditions or habits that could interfere with the possibility of conception, half of the couples get pregnant within 6 months and 85% do so in one year, according to Felicia Stewart, M.D., coauthor of Understanding Your Body: Every Woman’s Guide to Gynecology and Health. Therefore, it is a good idea for you to relax, enjoy yourself and give it time.Above are top 5 most effective tips on how to get pregnant and increase chances of conceiving. Follow them and in no time, the two of you will squeal: “Finally, we are pregnant!”

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