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Pilates and Pregnancy

Maintaining a healthy tone in your abdominals, as well as strengthening your back muscles and your lower body muscles will provide more support in your spine. In addition Pilates will strengthen your upper body to get you ready for the postnatal period. In your third trimester you will practice breathing exercises and pelvic floor techniques that aim to ease labor.

Pre-natal Pilates

Miraculous changes happen to your body in each trimester of your pregnancy —but each phase presents new challenges, too. Pilates work engages your deepest core muscles, pelvic floor, hips and spine, you’ll develop muscle strength and memory that will help your body recover faster post-pregnancy. Although Pilates is one of the safest workouts you can do when you’re expecting, be sure to check with your doctor before you begin this or any workout program. Warm up by doing five to 10 minutes of knee lifts, low-back stretches and shoulder rolls. Then do the moves specific to your trimester three to four times per week, taking one day off in between workouts. Rest in between each set if needed.

First Trimester
These moves will strengthen your entire core (abs, back, waist and pelvis) so it can support you like an internal corset, giving your body strength and resilience as your belly grows.

Second Trimester
These moves will keep your spine in a proper neutral upright position, protecting your back and neck as your belly and breasts grow. They also assist with balance and stability.

Third Trimester
These moves will strengthen the pelvic-floor muscles as you keep your pelvis, spine and hips mobile, relieving discomfort and preparing you for labor.

Post-natal Pilates

After giving birth, Pilates will help you return to good shape, working to tighten the tummy and pelvic floor muscles and restore your normal alignment. As you are breastfeeding, and lifting your baby through day and night you will need strong back and upper body muscles. Working on flexibility and balance, will also help you relax and de-stress, leaving you feeling energised and ready to go on with your day.

Our instructors have a lot of experience working with pre and post natal mothers. We will ask you to check with your doctor before starting Pilates with us.

If you have never done Pilates before we will ask you to wait until the first trimester is complete before starting Pilates.

If you had a cesarean section, you will have to wait a minimum of 6 weeks and confirm with your doctor before starting Pilates.