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Proper technique of breastfeeding

How to properly place the baby for breastfeeding breast

Your baby is born with the instinct of sucking and it knows how to do it. But this is not true for you. Proper technique of breastfeeding learn. In a very short time to adjust to one another, do not be discouraged. If you feel pain while breastfeeding, it’s probably a sign that breastfeeding is not correct. Misconception and prejudice that breastfeeding should not hurt. Below you can read some tips that will facilitate breastfeeding:

  1. With nipple gently touch the baby’s lips to indicate to open his mouth. You have to touch the baby with the nipple between the upper lip and nose. Wait for the baby to open wide mouth.
  2. Attract the baby to itself, so to get closer to the breast first with the chin and lower jaw. Not endanger the breast towards the baby’s mouth, but set the baby on the breast.
  3. Nipple should be as far away from the lower mouth of the baby, and to be deeper and above in the mouth. Thus the baby can catch most of the city.

If you feel pain during breastfeeding, probably your baby sucking only the nipple.If the baby sucking only the nipple, you will get sore nipples, and the baby will not be able to receive enough milk.

When proper breastfeeding should not have seen or will be seen very little of the areola (the dark circle around the nipple), depending on its size and the size of the baby’s mouth. If you are looking of dark circles, more needs to be watching over the baby’s mouth above than below the lower. Your baby’s mouth should be filled with the breast, and his beard to be touched by it. The lips of the baby will be turned outwards, not inwards.

How to Tell if properly breastfeed baby

Proper breastfeeding you can recognize the following signs:

  • It should be able to see the pink part of the baby’s mouth. This means that the mouth is drawn inwards, but outwards, as it should.
  • Areola or most of the breast tissue should be in the baby’s mouth. At least approximately 3 cm in radius around the nipple should be in his mouth.
  • The language of the baby should be located between the lower palate and breast or should extend to the palate.This will allow you to see if you gently pull down the lower lip a little baby.
  • Ears baby move. This is utilized by that during sucking and swallowing are active jaw muscles.
  • You’ll hear the baby swallows. In the first days after delivery, you will hear that the baby swallows one of perhaps 5-10 times . This is because colostrum is secreted in very small quantities. Later, with the emergence of milk, baby swallows every 2-3 times.
  • There should be lots of milk running from the corners of his mouth. This means that the baby swallows the milk.

Over time, you learn to feel if the baby suck properly. If you feel pain, note, it indicates that something is wrong. Remove the breast from the baby’s mouth and try again. Remember always that before putting the baby to breast, mouth should be completely open. Only breastfeeding will be properly and effectively.

How to tell if your baby is pleased Feed

  • The second day of the baby’s birth day should be performed at least 3 times bowel.
  • From the third day should have 6 or more  diapers.
  • The baby should be gaining weight by 20-30 grams per day.
  • The baby seems satisfied after feeding.
  • Baby’s urine should be clear or pale yellow, not dark yellow or orange.
  • Your breasts are softer after you eat.


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