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Risks of delaying vaccinations

Some of us avoid getting our children vaccinated, due to our busy schedules and sometimes just postpone due dates with an excuse that they can always be done later. Some parents even refuse to go in for vaccinations after reading or watching reports in magazines or TV about dangerous reactions to these vaccine doses. But the fact remains that postponing or avoiding your child’s vaccine schedule can lead to serious consequences in the future:

  • The risk that your child runs of getting reactions to vaccinations are extremely small in comparison to the risks that he faces if he contracts the actual disease.
  • If your child does not get vaccinated he puts other children too at greater risk.
  • Your child is protected against fatal diseases during their infancy and growing years, two most crucial life stages.
  • The only time when it is safe to stop a vaccination against a disease is when it has been eradicated worldwide. One such example could be smallpox, a dangerous disease that existed some decades ago.
  • Immunizing your child is the best way to give him protection against preventable diseases. Vaccinations are a good option.
  • Vaccinations that cover the spectrum of deadly diseases between infancy and teenage can help to accord your child protection for the future too.

Blindly falling prey to printed material or media reports without getting to the actual truth can prove dangerous, for this concerns the health of your precious ones. The best thing in such circumstances would be to discuss it with your doctor who is the best person to guide you. Nowadays there are combination vaccines available that are also equally effective. So this will save you time and effort. A suitable combination of vaccines can be given, so all those parents who complain about the lack of time, here is medical science once again to the rescue!

So parents, never avoid or postpone vaccinations for your baby or toddler. They may be just a drop additionally, but they come with a lifetime of health for your loved ones!

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