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Things You Don’t Really Need to Buy for Baby

With the prospect of welcoming a new addition to your family, expectant parents may be overwhelmed by all of baby products available out there.

What do you decide to purchase for the baby’s nursery?

Well, if you’re on a budget like many young families, this list of things you don’t really need for your baby might help.

There are a few baby items you don’t really need to buy.   Save yourself from some clutter; even better, you’ll save money.

Diaper Pail

In my own experience, it’s messy and ugly and if you can figure out how to use it properly, it will still stink.  Maybe I was just doing it wrong…it’s quite possible! I put dirty diapers far away – in the garage – until garbage day.

High Chair

It takes up a ton of space and if your kitchen is on the smaller side, you’ll be falling all over it.  You can probably get away with buying a feeding chair that attaches to a regular chair.

More than Two Parenting Books

Buy or borrow one or two parenting books of your choice.   You don’t necessarily need to have a complete library of parenting books; you will learn to go with your instincts anyway and refer back to the book from time to time.

Bumbo Chair

It’s cute and cool but does come with risks.  Infants placed in Bumbo seats can escape from the seat by arching their backs, leaning forward or sideways or rocking. Infants age 3 to 10 months old have suffered serious head injuries from falling from a Bumbo baby seat.  Why take that chance when your baby isn’t sitting up by himself yet?

Bumper Pads

Many health agencies and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) awareness groups are now recommending that parents skip the crib bumper, saying that using these products may actually put children at greater risk for suffocation or SIDS.

Newborn Clothes

You really don’t need too many clothes in infant size, 0-3 months.  Baby will outgrow the clothes after wearing just once likely.  Sleepers and onesies might probably the most worthwhile, rather than complicated outfits.


I didn’t spend the money on this one, but it was a no-brainer because I never liked the way gliders look!  I’m sure many have enjoyed it but a simple rocking chair is also nice too.

Change Table

You can probably forego this piece of furniture, especially if the nursery is on the smaller size.  Instead,  opt for a change pad on top of a dresser.

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