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Tips for Better Pregnancy Sex

When you’re pregnant, some things become a little harder to enjoy. One of those things, unfortunately, is sex. You’re hormonal, you’re tired and, at a certain point, you feel like a planet and you don’t want anyone in your solar system, if you know what I mean.

Here are a few tips that might make pregnancy more enjoyable for everyone:

Do not have sex when you’re having morning sickness. I know it can strike any time of the day, but it’s usually consistent. Pick a time that is nowhere near that time.

Tell the truth; the whole truth. If you are not in the mood and you don’t feel well, I’m sure he’d appreciate a pass more than a begrudging lay.

Stay away from the breasts. Breasts may be best, but if those suckers are tender or engorged, you may want to tell your partner to steer clear. Wincing in pain is not sexy.

Fatigue. We all know how exhausting pregnancy is. Growing a baby is hard work and takes a lot of energy. Plan your sexcapades around naps or have a little afternoon delight.

The Big O. Due to increased hormones some women have stronger orgasms, but some women find it harder to orgasm. If you can’t orgasm, don’t freak out, and if you can multiple times, go for it!

Remember, sex is perfectly safe during pregnancy. There is no danger that your Big Guy is going to poke your little guy anywhere near the face. Get creative and have fun because soon you will be in that mandatory 6-week no nooky zone.

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