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Top Foods for Weight Gain in Babies and Kids

Do you worry that your baby is not gaining proper weight ? Welcome to the club, a study says that 85 % of the moms fret over their baby’s weight!!! and are always searching for healthy weight gain foods for their babies.

So the solution for it is

” Look at the Baby, Not the scales “

It sounds very simple, but very difficult to follow.

I have seen moms whose babies look healthy, feed well, achieved all the milestones properly but even then worry about baby not gaining weight.The weight of the baby also depends on the genetic constitution of the parents.

Below is a simple and easy to follow rule from my Textbook of Pediatrics by OP Ghai, I follow these rules religiously and am happy if my are kids are in this range of weight gain for their respective age.

1. Whole Cream Milk 

Whole cream milk can help your baby to put on weight. It is power packed with calcium and loaded with calories.

Offer your 1year + baby / kid a glass of full fat milk every morning. If you are breastfeeding, continue that. Breast milk helps to fulfill the fat and energy requirements of a baby.

2. Whole Cream Yogurt

Whole cream yogurt is an apt choice too.Please refrain from buying the flavored fruit yogurt available in the market as they are loaded with sugar. Instead just blend it in some fruits with the yogurt ; a wholesome fruit yogurt or smoothie is ready.

3. Cheese

A small piece of cheese as an evening snack can help here. Best option is home-made cottage paneer / cheese. Can be given in the form of broccoli cheese mash, potato cheese mash, egg with cheese etc.Do you know why cheese and butter is allowed, but not cow’s milk for babies? You can also refer to the cheese paneer paratha recipe for babies and kids.

4. Chikoo

This fruit is enriched with fruit sugar . You can give it in the form of plain chikoo puree , chikoo milkshake , chikoo with any other fruits milkshakes

5. Banana

Bananas are an excellent source of carbs and energy. Golden banana and Kerala banana both are excellent for weight gain.Golden banana can be given in the form of plain banana puree, banana milkshakes where as Kerala banana could be steamed, deseeded and mashed with a teaspoon of ghee. Please note to give one/half a banana everyday.

6. Ragi

Ragi with ghee and jaggery could help babies to put on weight.You can read about the sprouted ragi flour and porridge for babies. You can also refer to the ragi cake, ragi soup and stuffed ragi paratha recipes.

7. Avocado

Avocado is rich in good fat. It is an excellent food for weight gain too. Just blend it in with whole cream milk or plain mashed . A mom suggested adding jaggery to avocado.

8. Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato again is rich in sugar and beta carotene . You can give it in the form of sweet potato apple and chicken , sweet potato plain mash , sweet potato with milk , sweet potato lentil mash, sweet potato mash with cheese and whole cream milk.

9. Eggs 

Eggs are power packed with protein. Yellow yolk could be started from 8th month and whole eggs from 1 year.

10. Potato

Potato can help to put on weight . Excellent source of carbohydrates and energy, these can be given in the form of potato cheese mash.

11. Butter

Add a teaspoon of butter to baby’s foods like dal khichdi, helping to increase the nutritional content. Please don’t go overboard with butter as its 97% fat and could trigger obesity in babies. Please limit to 1/2 to 1 teaspoon a day.

12. Ghee

The same golden rule above applies for ghee as well.

13. Peanut butter

Peanut butter is an excellent source for weight gain. If your baby is 1 year +, you can spread a teaspoon of peanut butter on a bread / toast and give it to your child.

14. Olive oil 

Olive oil contains good fat. It would be wise if you start preparing baby food in olive oil.

15. Nuts

Mixed nuts are enriched with Vitamin E, proteins and fat. You can refer to the homemade mixed dry fruits powder and chocolate almond powder for babies and toddlers.

You can add a pinch of mixed roasted nuts to the milkshakes, porridge etc to your 8M+ baby. Please make sure the nuts are grounded well to avoid choking

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